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Name:Irene Adler
Birthdate:Dec 22
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Occupation: Dominatrix
Family: Unknown
Enemies: Jim Moriarty (after failing)
PB: Lara Pulver

Irene Adler , more commonly known as "The Woman", is a dominatrix who has an apparently romantic attraction to Sherlock Holmes. She first appears in series two's first episode "A Scandal in Belgravia" where she plays games with Sherlock. She was born in the 1980s.
Whilst Mycroft is telling Sherlock about Irene, he states that she is a dominatrix who gives out professional scolding to people. She has been in the middle of two political scandals in recent years, one of them involving a famous author where she had an affair with both sides.

She is brought to Sherlock's attention, as well as the viewers, when he and John are brought to Buckingham Palace by Mycroft and are asked to take on a case of national importance. Irene had taken compromising images of a young female member of the British Royal family during a dominatrix session. Even though Irene doesn't want money or power (blackmailing) for the pictures, Sherlock is tasked in getting them back. She is using them, and other information on her mobile phone, for her "protection".

She is manipulative and devious. She likes to 'misbehave' and gathers all sorts of incriminating information so as to continue to 'misbehave'. Irene is not above blackmail, although she refers to it as 'insurance'.
When she and Sherlock meet, she displays her more caring and ingenious attributes. She asserts herself as a notorious flirt, though she defends herself by saying to John: 'I flirted at Sherlock. He never replies.'

In the episode she claims that brainy is the new sexy and that she likes detective stories. This claim could mean that she is sapiosexual - a person who is sexually attracted to intelligence. She also told John that she was gay, though her attraction to Sherlock may mean that this is not 100% the case. She is a fan of novellas and commented on recently reading Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption.

[[Both Mun & muse are over 18. Irene is from the BBC series 'Sherlock' and portrayed by Lara Pulver. Bio is taken from here. She is set after 'A Scandal In Belgravia (of course) and anything that happens to her after that is completely of mine and any muse she interacts withs creation.]]
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